Homeward Bound

After 3 nights, 3 hotel rooms, a bunch of smelly clothes I just don’t want to wash anymore (except for the absolute necessity of clean undies), & constant hot & humid weather, I’m really ready to return home.

Because of all the problems I’ve had with the odorous Hotel (Studio M), I convince them the least they could do is give me a late check out – I ask for 4pm & stick to my guns till they finally say “yes”. Instead of heading out again for the day (Thursday), it’s raining, which gives me a great excuse to have a long late breaky, then stay in my room & take my time packing & interneting. I was going to go up to the Islamic quarter, but figure by the time I get there & back, I’d be cutting it pretty thin. So, after pottering about for the whole day, I checked out at 4pm, had a very late (& questionable) lunch, then hopped in a taxi at 5:30 for the airport.

I was overjoyed to find out that my flight home at 8:10 with Sinagpore Airlines (which I’ve come to love) would be a spacious one – 3 full seats to myself! But even then, after watching 2 movies & settling myself down across the seats for a snooze, I was unable to get any sleep & was instead awoken at 2am (Syd 4am) for breakfast as we were due to land at 5:20am. Crap!

With no sleep whatsoever, & the intake of something or other that contained a bug, I ended up with a severe case of jetlag on my return & a constant queeziness in my gut. But I am tickled pink that I’m back home, with my own bed & fav food & friends. It’s always good to come home again.


5 responses to “Homeward Bound

  1. India and Nepal this year for 2 months and maybe a month in Australia. If I can’t make it to Australia this year, then 2-3 months next year, Dec., Jan. Feb.

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