Singapore Chinatown

Hungry Ghost Festival Altar

Monks (?) at the Festival

Statue on Hindu Temple roof

Inside Hindu Temple Entrance

Hindu Temple Detail


Lion at Chinatown entrance

Colourful buildings around Chinatown

Keen for another long walk to burn off some extra calories & convince myself I’m getting fitter, I headed off from my hotel on Weds just after lunch in search of Chinatown. It wasn’t too far to walk (took about 30 mins), but boy was it hot & humid.

After grabbing a quick meal, I hooked up with a free walking tour & we trotted off to the Singapore (non-touristy) side of Chinatown. There was a Hungry Ghosts festival happening today, so we got to take a few pics of the goings on & offerings. I asked the guide whether it was a Buddhist festival – being that Hungry Ghosts is a realm in Buddhism – & she said it was more of a Taoist festival. But then I saw some Buddha images centre stage & wondered whether it may have been some Chinese fusion of Buddhism & Taoism.

Anyway, shortly afterwards the tour was cancelled as it started raining. Okay. The guide said that when it rains on the tour they stop because of the possibility there may be lightning – Singapore is 2nd (to Australia) in the number of lightning strikes it has. And we don’t want to be struck down by lightning, do we? Okay. Anyway, I walked off to the Chinatown Heritage Centre & had a wander through there for over an hour (conveniently until it stopped raining) browsing through the history of Chinese coming to Singapore & their lives there in the early days. Quite interesting, but wouldn’t win any toursim awards.

What more can I say… was a Chinatown & there were lots of Chinese things to buy & see everywhere.


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