Singapore By Night

Over the harbour

The Fullerton Hotel

Clarke Quay


The Delicious Chilli Crab I Devoured

After my exotic fish therapy & massage session, I wandered outside to find darkness had settled on this beautiful city. The exquisite buildings were alight with colour & laser beams. I decided to walk all the way back knowing it would probably take me well over 1 1/2 hours. But, I was feeling fine & in the mood for walking. This is perhaps my fav thing to do here in Singapore – walk the riverside at night.

People were out & about everywhere, scattered along the riverfront watching the world go by. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my tripod with me (back in the hotel), so had to arrange myself in some fairly unusual positions to take some steady night shots at slow shutter speeds. I walked merrily, taking pics here & there, until I finally came to Jumbos Restaurant where I was hankering after some of their famous Chilli Crab. But I was then told I needed to walk back (approx 10 mins) to their other restaurant as they were full to the brim. By the time I sat down at a shared table at the other Jumbos, it was around 8:45. It probably looked a bit weird me sitting on my own devouring a big crab, but I didn’t care. It was all hands on deck as I pulled every morsel out of that crab, the bib they gave me capturing the bits I didn’t quite manage to catch. It took me nearly 1 1/4 hours to get through it all, & I left being hugely satisfied by my meal.

Clarke Quay, near to my hotel, is quiet through the day, but comes alive at night. People everywhere out eating & enjoying themselves. I could imagine it would be quite lovely to live here in Singapore for 6 months or so – in the not-so-stinking-hot season. It really is a beautiful, clean, cosmopolitan city with an international flavour. Kind of like the beauty of Brisbane along the river at night, but with so much more pizazz. Very nice indeed!


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