A Tickly Fish Feet Nibble

Garra Rufa fish – master exfoliaters

Feet nibbling – note: these are NOT my feet – I haven’t turned Indian on my trip.

After the Singapore Flyer ride, it was pouring outside – too wet to walk anywhere. So, what to do? A massage place called Kenko was right near the exit from the Flyer. They had a special deal – a 60 min foot/hand/back massage + 30 mins of fish therapy for $53. I was overwhelmed with excitement!!

I’d had fish therapy in Mt Emei in China & I was hooked. Unfortunately, in Singapore you only get to immerse your legs in the water. In China, I was in my swimmers & immersed my whole body. These little fish called garra rufa that have suckers come & nibble on whatever body part is in the water. The small fish (@2-3 cms) are delightful, nibbling away at all the dead skin cells, they exfoliate & make your skin feel so fresh. Seemingly it’s great for psoriasis, eczema & blood circulation too. They had a pond with some of the bigger fish (7-8 cms) too. I switched over but couldn’t keep my legs immersed in that pool cause they just latched onto you far too intensely.

The massage was also fabulous & completely relieved my leftover headache. I left there feeling completely relaxed & quite blissful.


2 responses to “A Tickly Fish Feet Nibble

  1. If you ever get to the Amazon River, please don’t try this!
    Thanks for the updates, I really enjoy them and look forward to them.


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