Singapore Flyer

Singapore Cityscape From the Top of the Flyer

Me – and I’m not holding on for life!

The lucky 13 on the Conrad Building – How Auspicious!!

Singapore Flyer by Night

On the Tuesday afternoon, after changing rooms, I headed out for a walk to Clarke Quay which was only a 15 min walk away following the Singapore River. After indulging in a $10 ice cream (food & drinks are so expensive here), I jumped on a ferry & headed up to Esplanade Park.

I’d heard the Sinagpore Flyer was a nice way to see over the city – it’s the tallest ferris wheel in the world. And luckily when I got on board, I shared a car with only two other people (instead of 30 or more that can usually fit in). It was a pleasant was to spend 30 mins looking out over the city & the harbour (so many cargo ships offshore, it was amazing). The couple I was in the car with were quite obsessed in locating the special feng shui point on the ride which highlighted the number 13 on the Conrad Hotel. I wasn’t so intrigued. As we headed back down, the rain started to pour, making it near impossible to get any good shots of the views.

Overall, a nice tourist ride…


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