Farewell to Kopan and Nepal

Michael, Tsultrim & I – A Farewell Chat

Lundrig & I – My Go-To Guy

Michael & I – Our “See You Later” Farewell

After 15 days at Kopan, it was time to say farewell. I was due to fly out of Kathmandu to Singapore at 1:05pm on Monday & had booked a private car to collect me just after 10am. It was quite an emotional farewell – saying bye to Michael whose companionship I’d enjoyed for most of my time at Kopan was a tad sad (I’m really not good at goodbyes). And also saying bye to a few of the monks I’d come to know & like – but they saw it as just another example of impermanence & welcomed it (wish I could get to that point in my perception).

I’d read the night before in a Thich Nhat Hanh book on love that he’d developed a Hugging Meditation, which I happily informed Tsultrim of & he struggled to understand why on earth a monk would want to hug someone. But how do you say goodbye to someone without giving them a hug? Anyway, after some last minute purchases at the Kopan bookshop, “see you later” farewells to a few monks, a big hug for Michael, & a mini hug for Tsultrim, the taxi finally arrived at about 10:30 & I was on my way.


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