A Monk’s Blessing

Geshe Tsultrim blessing my items

It was my very last night at Kopan & after indulging in my last not-so-delicious soup dinner, I headed to the cafe for some after dinner ginger tea. Tsultrim, a lovely Geshe monk, joined Michael & I for a chat. I needed to get some Buddhist items I’d bought blessed – it’s a nice-to-have – & Tsultrim said he’d do it – he can because he’s a Geshe (has studied for over 20 years for the Buddhist Geshe degree). The cafe closed & so Tsultrim invited us back to his bedroom in the Tantra House. Oohhhh…..to a monk’s private bedroom…..no wonder we got a few weird & surprised looks.

The Tantra House was alive with monks chanting their evening prayers as we followed Tsultrim down the stairwell to the bowels of the monk’s quarters. When inside his room, he eagerly showed off the photos of his Geshe ceremony & old monk days. After pouring through his albums, he then proceeded to bless my items which was fabulous to watch. And as we were leaving, I got to say a quick good bye to Rinzin too before heading off to bed.


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