Hanging Out in Boudha

Monk perusing the Buddhist wares

Old Buddhist Nun outside the stupa

Eyes of the Boudha Stupa

Tibetan Woman Circumambulating the Stupa

Boudha Stupa Before a Storm

Burning incense outside the stupa

Michael very patiently waiting for me to catch up while I take some pics

Buddha Statue Relic in side of stupa

The Stupa’s very own pigeon woman

Shop showing their wares

Looks very hot, whatever they are!!

On Monday, I finally worked up the mindset needed for me to walk to Boudha. Thinking it was going to take an hour or more in the sweltering heat, I was understandably reluctant, especially thinking about lugging my photography pack all that way too. But I agreed with Michael that in order to prevent any further stir crazy head space, there was a definite need to escape Kopan yet again.

So, off we went after my meditation session, heading out at midday in the heat of the day. Armed with copious amounts of sunscreen, a cap, & a determination that I would get to Boudha without collapsing, I was pleasantly surprised to arrive there in 45 mins. Is this it???

Boudha is a really cute little precinct, with allay streets all leading to this enormous stupa which the entire township is centred around. The feel is, of course, very Tibetan Buddhist, & all the shops surrounding the stupa sell Buddhist relics, statues & wares. But after the walk, lunch was the only thing on my mind, & I was extremely disappointed to hear the Saturday Cafe, recommended to me, had closed down. So, we headed to Flavors, a new Boudha institution, & we weren’t disappointed. Even though several Kopan residents were hanging about, I sneaked a lovely chicken dijonaise lunch in.

After lunch, Michael & I wandered through all the shops around the stupa, buying stuff here & there – a bit cheaper than Thamel. And then it was afternoon tea time, & we headed back to Flavors – I had a scrumptious ‘chocolate muss cake’ & arrived in Nirvana whilst devouring it. After a bit more shopping, we headed back to Kopan, but my legs said a definite “no way” to climbing back up the hill & so a taxi ride was an easy & accessible option – thank goodness!

A very enjoyable day! And on Wednesday, we did it all over again!! And will probably go again a few more times after that too…..


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