Gura Puja

Guru Puja

Twice in a Tibetan lunar month, a Guru Puja is undertaken at the monastery. And this week, I just happened to stumble upon one in the main gompa after dinner. Not all the monks attended, mostly those, it seemed, from the Tantra House – well, it is a tantra ceremony.  There was much pomp & ceremony, symbols , conch shells & Tibetan horns being used throughout as ceremonial offerings & prayers are offered to the Buddhas & Boddhisatvas. Not expecting to sit in on a significant ceremony, I was astounded that it went on for nearly 2 ½ hours, & so were my legs which frequently went numb sitting on the mat throughout. But the energy was incredibly strong & mesmerizing. We also got to participate in a small way by drinking the tea offered in the ceremony, & being given a stash of naughty edible goodies at the end – left with my hands full.


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