Dinner With Rinzin

I really wasn’t expecting to meet with Rinzin at all after the silent treatment I’d received over the last 5 or more days. Then, one of the monks came to me & said “Rinzin is here & he will meet with you at the cafe here for dinner at 6:30”. Well, okay then…

Dinner is a whole lot more than simply chatting over a tea or milkshake, & with all the weirdness that had been going on, I wasn’t really sure what we were going to speak about.  Even though I was meeting with a 14 y.o. boy, it almost felt like a first date (in a completely non-sexual kind of way). So, I turned up at the cafe at 6:30, & Rinzin appeared shortly thereafter. And he was just like a 14 y.o. boy would be talking with an adult he didn’t know – shy & awkward, very awkward. So, I did most of the speaking, asking questions predominantly, with uncomfortable silences in between. I showed him a photo of Bec & his face lit up, remembering her from the time she taught him English at Kopan. He was very surprised we are close friends – bit confusing for him, I think. But I grew tired of doing most of the asking, with a few questions from him in-between, & after 45 mins, we said our farewells.

And, just like a date you wished you’d never accepted, I wondered why I’d ever pursued a meeting with him in the first place…..oh, well.


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