Rinzin, the Boy Lama

Several days ago one afternoon, I was heading back to my room when I heard some footsteps behind me. I turned & down the end of the path stood a young monk. He was hesitant, but after I said “hello”, he approached me. He had this huge smile on his face as if he knew me, & we were meeting after a long absence. We got into some idle chat….

Looking at this boy, I could so easily see there was something radiant about him, something very special. “You speak English very well – are you doing well in your English study?” I ask. “Yes, I am.” “I can see that you are a very smart young man, are you good at all your studies?” “Yes, I am.” (Had to chuckle at his confidence). He then asked me where I was from, & my standard response is “guess”. He immediately said Australia (strangely, not many people at all pick this up). The smile did not leave his dial at all – he seemed so excited.

I then introduced myself & he introduced himself as Rinzin. He is 14 years old & comes from a village in Nepal. As we said our goodbyes & shook hands, I suggested we catch up for a cup of tea & chat over the next couple of days – the delight was purely visible on his face. The next day as I walked back to my room in the late afternoon again, I saw him by himself on the roof of the Tantric Gompa. He waved excitedly & called to me. Not realising that I was yelling across to him in a monastery (where you’re meant to be quiet), I said we could catch up the next day. He nodded emphatically. I asked if he lived there above the gompa, & again he nodded – I thought this was odd as all the other boy monks live in another section.

The next morning, I happened to ask one of the monks at reception how many lamas are here at Kopan. There are three, but a boy reincarnated lama is currently visiting Australia. I then asked if the other two lamas were living here, & was told they were – an adult lama & another young reincarnated lama – called Rinzin. I knew he was special!! He’s the reincarnation of a Tsum Valley Monastery Abbot who was very close to Lama Khunchok (whose reincarnation also resides here). I told the monk I’d met him & briefly explained our meeting after he enquired about it. I told him I felt that we had recognised each other in some respect – maybe a past life connection. Since then (4 days), I haven’t seen Rinzin.  Me thinks I may have got him into a spot of trouble talking to a Westerner – I hope not. And since then, a monk (who last night introduced himself as a Rinpoche) has been watching me. Even more strangely, Rinzin is the same boy lama that Bec had a connection with when she was at Kopan several years ago. Hmmmm…..

Will keep you posted on any Rinzin sightings &/or communications…..


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