The Proposition

As people close to me know, one of my primary character traits is my honesty. Blatantly direct at times, it can open doors for me, but more often has them slammed in my face (people can get very intimidated). When we arrived at Tso Moriri yesterday, the friendly & helpful manager, Lavi, was bending over backwards to accommodate us. I noticed his smiling eyes & rock star good looks – a real ‘dude’. We were all laughing around before dinner, & I just so happened to tell him he had lovely smiling eyes, not in a come-on way or anything, just what I noticed (I can be soooo naive). I mean, people like to be complimented, right?

Today we had a chat – seems he’s not only a dude, but a Royal Enfield Motorbike dude at that, travelling the year round leading motorbike tours through India, Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan – very cool. As I waited for the group to arrive for dinner tonight, he sat down & we conversed some more. Then the Q&A – “are you married?” “No”. “Good, neither am I” (hand shake). “You can come riding with me on my bike & hold onto me”. (Hmmm…I’d probably prefer to be riding the bike).“You know my tent is just behind here (pointing); you can come to me anytime tonight & I will help you with anything you need, midnight, 1 o’clock, whenever.” “Well, that’s very kind of you Lavi”.

He brought me my hot water (for inhalation) at 9:15, offered me a foot rub (to help clear my sinuses??), plus “some body warmth on such a cold night”. Well, it was a freezing night (4 layers of clothing), & a warm body did sound very appealing after a (very long ) dry spell. And, if I’ve learned anything at all from all my travels, it’s that being adaptable helps out in many a situation. But as my father always used to say, “if in doubt, kick it out”, & even though it was targeted at my soccer game, it took on a high degree of relevance in this situation. After a quick hug, I showed him the door. And all I had to keep me warm were a decent set of thermals – not nearly as much fun!


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