Hundar Sand Dunes and Camels

After Diskit Monastery, we travelled on about 30 mins further till we came to Hundar, home of the Nubra Valley sand dunes. On our approach, we stopped by the side of the road, as you do, & snapped a few shots looking down onto the dunes. They didn’t extend for miles, but there were quite a few – certainly enough for some nice shots.

Descending to the dunes, we saw the Bactrian camels go by (hot tourist activity which we didn’t partake in – glad as I don’t really like riding camels). Bactrian, or middle Asian, camels are unique to this area, & I hear love munching on the Seabuckthorn berries abundant in the area. Lots of tourists were camping here as there were small streams to bathe in, drink from, & wash clothes in. Completely missed the golden light on the dunes as we’d arrived too late (too much time climbing up those monastery steps, I bet). Busting to go to the loo, I ended up wandering through the dunes till I came upon a man-made mud-brick wall with no apparent purpose which proved an excellent facility. Almost got lost finding my way out – can only imagine what it would be like in an actual desert.

Pics to come…..


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