Hot Springs in Nubra Valley

The next day, every cell in my body refused to get up at 4am & visit some distant monastery. Enough is enough! Geraldine rescheduled the itinerary & made it a 5:30am start to Zimskhang Monastery (again). Fabulous! Absolutely no need whatsoever to venture up there again. So I got a gloriously rare sleep-in – just over 8 hours after I’d done some pre-sleep inhalation & popped a Valerian pill.

After breakfast, we hopped in the cars & drove up the valley to shoot the Hot Springs, quite famous in the area for bringing relief to the ailments of locals, Indians, & foreigners alike. It was almost midday by the time we arrived, sun at its brightest, stinking hot, & not really much to see. Can’t compare these at all with the standard Western Hot Spring experience – not sure I would’ve stripped off & immersed my body in the bath (yes, singular) – would probably have picked up an ailment instead of healing one.

Pics to come…..


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