Zimskhang Monastery


Zimskhang Monastery


Outside Zimskhang Monastery


View over ruins to mountains


Stupa with carved tablets



After unpacking, we headed up to an abandoned monastery atop a hill (aren’t they all) just down the road from our hotel. From where the car parked it was a steep, unstable climb – something I always crave to do with an 8kg pack on my back. With camera in hand, I slipped about 5 times, but kept my balance. The climb was definitely worth it. Stupas scattered half way down the hill set the scene for some lovely shots up to the monastery.

The 500 year old monastery was now classed as a ruin, the monks having been relocated down the hill. You could see why. Rickety is a good adjective, as it decrepit. Only one room remains, filled with Buddhist statues, & is locked to all but the maintenance monk, so we didn’t get a sneak peek.

As the sun set over the not-so-distant mountains, the surrounds lit up & the clouds were stunning.

Pics to come…..


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