Road from Pangong Lake to Nubra Valley

Up extra early this morning (4:30am) for a long day of driving on to the Nubra Valley.As we drove up the road heading back, big chunks of the road had simply been eaten away by the torrent of water from yesterday’s snow melt. But we did manage to get through.

We had to go up over the Changla Pass again, then all the way back down to Thak Thok Monastery, then make a turn & go up & over the Warila Pass. This pass is also very high but hardly anyone drives on it – we found out it was a restricted road being so close to the disputed Pakistani border; a road suspicious characters (like us) take seemingly. No cafes at the Warila Pass; still bloody cold though.

As we descended down into the Nubra Valley, it was around 4pm in the afternoon. The valley was alive with green vegetation, sprinkled with alpine & desert flowers, dusty mountains surrounding. We checked into the Hotel Rimo (named after the glacier up this way – the 2nd largest in the world) at Tegar (used to be called Tigger, like from Winnie the Pooh). Much of the snow melt in this area is a result of glacial melt. So, moderately different scenery…..

Pics to come…..


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