Sunset and Rudeness at Pangong

At around 3pm, we heading off to shoot the sunset, which I thought far too early. We were only 10 mins down the track when we came upon this roaring snow melt river. Due to the intense heat of the day, more snow melted than usual & we found this torrent of water pouring down the mountain across the road. Some cars attempted the crossing, we decided not to as it would only get worse as the afternoon wore on.

So we found a lovely spot close to where we were & set up there for the next 3 ½ hours. I preferred to wait a bit as the light was too bright & I knew the gorgeous colours would start from 6pm. I sat & sang, admired the mountains, & reflected on lots of stuff with no one around – glorious & emotive. My peace was unfortunately interrupted by the rudeness of one of the group members, Hilde, who, for some unknown reason, has been quite abrupt & just plain rude to me since just after we began the tour. I told her I was over her rude attitude & to just leave me be. Methinks there’s some inner frustrations at play in her…..


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