Puffy Body Parts

Up again at 4:45am to head back up the valley to catch the sunrise on the mountains. We stopped just near the nearest camping village & we there for over 3 hours shooting the changing light. Thankfully, Jigmet was thoughtful enough to bring us chai tea, biscuits & leftover cake for our pre-breakfast snack, which went down very well indeed in the rather chilly conditons (I had thermals & 3 extra layers on).

Perhaps I’ll never be a photographers bootlace – I don’t mind getting up really early now & then, but I find it difficult to sleep in the day, so never get to catch up on sleep like others. Also, over 3 hours shooting in the same place can get more than a tad boring. I often find myself contemplating life & Nature, finding inspiration, then shooting something new I’ve just discovered or seen differently. Shooting continually when in a group of photographers at times feels more like an ego competition – who’s better, more dedicated – I really don’t see the point in that when it’s such a personal expression.

We actually got some extra power back at the dining tent as Geraldine bought some generator time for us – yay! So I spent nearly 4 hours inside that bloody sweltering hot tent downloading all my images, backing up, & writing my blog (first things first). And this morning Geraldine, her detectors on the lookout for signs of altitude sickness, noticed my hands & face were puffy. Great! Just another thing to add onto my Ladakhi body crisis. She gave me some Diamox to take, which I did, & 20 mins later the first side effect appeared – really painful pins & needles in my toes, like the ones that ache & take ages to go away. They moved later to include my fingers also & come at the most unexpected of times.  I mean if the tingles were all over my body, I may have found some delight, but they positioned themselves only in my extremeties & are annoyingly unpleasant.

Pics to come…..


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