Road to Pangong Lake

Jigmet, our tour guide, was prompting us to leave Changla Pass ASAP as he knew we’d face a problem with further snow run-off as we headed back down from the pass. As we wound down the curvy roads, scooting over snow streams, we came upon a tiny village (if you could call it that) & there we spotted from the car our first Marmots. A lot bigger than I initially thought they’d be (as big as a prarie dog – if you don’t know what that is, Google it), they scurried off the minute I’d set up my camera to take a shot. Except one that I spotted sunbathing on a rock who started running after the car.

I switched off again for the 3-hour trip to Pangong Lake, tuning into my Ipod, watching the world go by. Again, we were presented with spectacular mountain desert scenery all through the trip, & it was entrancing to watch the size, variation & majesty of the mountains as we passed. It wasn’t a smooth ride at all, & one snow stream we came across presented a particular challenge to our driver as the stream was more like a fast-flowing mini-river. But we made it across, even if Martin & Jack had to exit the car & jump over the stream. We came into Pangong Lake around sunset, just in time to catch the last rays on the distant mountains…..beautiful!

Pics to come…..


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