Chemre Monastery

Chemre Monastery

An old ruin near Chemre Monastery

Stupas outside Chemre Monastery

Another really bad night sleep in Leh – haven’t experienced beds as hard as the ones here in Ladakh since I was in China a few years back where I assumed they just didn’t want foreigners getting too comfortable. We were up early again (5:15am), & headed off to the Chemre Monastery, about 45mins outside Leh. It was going to be a long day – at least 10 hours – & our final destination was to be Pangong Lake right on the border of Tibet.

The monastery was built in 1645 & is a gompa of the Drug-pa Kargyu-pa ‘red hat’ order. While we didn’t go inside the monastery, lots of pics were taken outside & around the building which had a rather imposing position on the side of a hill – like all the monasteries in Leh seem to have – must be auspicious or something, definitely good feng shui.

Finished shooting, then off to the festival!


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