Arrival at Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake is enormous. How big? Absolutely no idea. But only 1/3 of it resides in India, & 2/3 in Tibet. So, 20kms from the little village we stayed in was the border, & we weren’t allowed to go more than ½ km from where we stayed, even if we did dress in camoflauge & attempt it by stealth (which we didn’t).

When we arrived, we were escorted to our deluxe tents, with a bathroom attached. Having a tent each, I felt like a bedouin princess (ok, maybe not a princess, cause I’ve never felt like a princess). We had a good feed, with my fav Indian dish Palak Paneer, then went to bed after some rather necessary nasal inhalation. Didn’t sleep, but not because I couldn’t breathe, but because of the bloody hard beds again & the ache in my hips & shoulders all night.


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