My Frustrations or Learning Opportunities

So, two weeks into my 6 week travels & my computer battery is completely dead. This means I can only work on my computer when I can plug into power. Not so great when you have hundreds of photo files to upload daily & only 2-3 hours of power available to you. You see, power here in Ladakh is a random phenomenon. Usually in Leh you have power several times a day, but away from Leh, you never have power until around 7:30pm. All the photo editing I really need to do, I can’t do within this narrow time frame – so sorry you’re only getting a short & sweet version of the photos I want to present.

Secondly, we have a cold shower situation here. That’s if we have showers at all. I still haven’t worked out what to do with the bucket in the shower recess. Even when promised that there’s hot water available, it’s just not, & I usually end up standing naked in front of a shower that never runs hot, then bracing myself with a quick cold one. Thankfilly today I did have a hot shower – bliss!

Thirdly, the altitude & predominance of dust (it’s absolutely EVERYWHERE) is causing havoc to my body. When travelling over a mountain range, my head feels like it’s squeezing shut. And you may have already read about my sand dune nasal passage problem, but now no matter how much moisturiser I apply multiple times per day, my skin & lips just keep cracking away. Lucky I don’t envisage kissing anyone on this trip, I may have ended up scarring them for life!


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