Another Visit to LamaYuru Monastery

Prayer scrolls

In the Gompa

Old Ladakhi Men with Prayer Wheels

When touring with a photography group, you can expect to get up early, very early, nearly every day in order to capture the beautiful sunrise light. Which can get to be more than a bit of a drag when you’re severely sleep deprived & have little energy left to do much at all. So a group consensus was reached which gave us a well-deserved (& much needed) sleep-in – well, at least until 7:45 as breakfast was served at 8am.

I’d ony had one good nights sleep out of the last 5 or more, so the prospect of walking around the LamaYuru Monastery was a taxing one to say the least. But I got my butt out there, even if I did spend most of the time shooting inside the Gompa, which required me to sit down quite a bit (though I did restrain myself from falling asleep on the prayer rugs). There was a lot more light in the dark little prayer room, & I had the added benefit of remembering my tripod this time, so I was quite pleased with the pics I got.

There was this German hippy couple meditating in the prayer room as I entered, at least I think he was meditating as he started guffawing & making rather odd sounds I’d never heard any monk or practitioner voicing before. I turned back again & saw him taking money from the monk’s table. Not sure if he’d put a big note down & was merely getting change, I eyed him off a bit without saying a word. No signs of remorse detected, so I let it go, only to see him dive back in for some more money….had to breathe & acknowledge that if he was stealing, the law of karma would kick in at some point.

After a lside show of our fav pics taken so far, we were off again back to Leh. I must have been tired as I actually fell asleep for a bit on the way home – almost unheard of for me…..


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