Wandering Around Lama Yuru

Local shop

Mum & babe

Another Mum & babe pic

Sleeping Dog

Lama Yuru Homes

Woman at Blue Window


Cranky Old Woman


Lovely horses


Homestay sign


Village mules

After many nights of little sleep, we finally got to sleep in – well, at least until 8am – yay! I had a 2-hour Lightroom tutorial with Martin our tour leader this morning which was fantastic. Then we headed into the small town, a few minutes down the road, & just meandered about taking pics of the local village life. Martin ran into some local kids & their Mum who were completely absorbed in their new roles as photographic models. I joined in too & snapped a few pics, then had the kids grabbing at my camera (“watch the lens”) to see their images. They don’t get a lot of Western tourists up here (north-west of Leh), so I guess we’re still as much a novelty to them as they are to us. Got lots of shots of rustic windows & doors – quite beside myself really.


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