The Road to Lama Yuru

Stupa outside Alchi

Roadside Action

Fascinating Landscape

More Interesting Rock Bits

Nearing Lama Yuru

It was a 3-hour drive from Basgo to Lama Yuru. If the scenery between Leh & Basgo had been stark & inspiring, the views along the road to Lama Yuru were simply breathtaking. Just wanting to chill out & take it in, I plugged into my ipod & cruised along to Missy, Jack & Karise. Cruising probably isn’t the correct term as big chunks of the drive was akin to four wheel driving – gravel roads, huge pot holes, & even a couple of small water crossings. We were also required to squeeze our way past trucks & buses, often with rather steep fall offs on the side I happened to be sitting next to as I watched the river rapids far below.

Being that we had 2 cars filled with photographers, there were of course several photo opportunities to be had along the way. And even when we didn’t stop, I couldn’t help at times to snap a few shots from the window, often while the car bounced all over the road. The closest I can recall to seeing scenery like this was possibly when I drove around the Isle of Skye in Scotland where the landscape was lunar-like. In Lama Yuru, they liken the surrounding environment to a moon land – it’s obvious why.


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