Lama Yuru Monastery and the Magnificent Monk

Candles & Water Bowls in Prayer Room

Monastery Stupas

Monk in Prayer Room



After checking into the Hotel Moonland (says it all really), & a tiny rest, we headed off to the local monastery where you can get some spectacular shots leading up to sunset. Heading off in different directions from other group members, I found myself let inside a beautiful gompa after chatting to this monk a while. He asked me if I would like to come & hear prayers tomorrow morning. “What time?” I asked. “4 o’clock” he said & chuckled at the look I gave him as I thought “not bloody likely”.

So, I guess he took it upon himself to put a few prayers in while I was there, cause he made his way to this dark & enchanting room behind the main gompa & started chanting prayers. I followed the sound & he then invited me to sit next to him as he continued chanting prayers, banging his drum, clashing his symbols & ringing his bell. I was there with him & the Buddhist deity statues for 10-15 mins before another person finally was lulled into the room by the melodic chanting. It was an intensely moving experience. Managed to get a few shots too, even though it was really really dark & I had to bump my ISO through the roof even using my 35mm 1.8 low light lens.

Oh, spotted my first female yak today too…..


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