Hooked Up

I got over my nausea in time for me to enjoy an exquisite lunch at Bon Appetit – cashew encrusted chicken with potato au gratin – yum!!! Never as good when you aren’t sharing a meal with company though. Probably pushed myself a little too hard walking that day – felt a tad guilty about all the calories I must have consumed over lunch.

The next day – 23rd – I was collected at the Oriental by the Welcome Travel rep. But before I went, I just had to say goodbye to Ina & her family (from Belgium), the kitchen staff (for feeding me so heartily with their delicious organic vego food), & the owner.

I finally hooked up with the rest of the photography group (Hilde, Jack & Bruce) who were knackered when I met them at the new Hotel, Ladakh Greens. With hardly any sleep & a very early flight to Leh, their bodies no doubt were adjusting to the altitude. The two group leaders, Geraldine & Martin, had already arrived in Leh several days ago, so had already settled in. I sat in with Geraldine & the Travel Agency Rep as they reworked the itinerary, before heading to town for a wander. I managed to buy 2 new Dalai Lama books for 670 rps (@ $13) from the Mahabodhi Centre. Strangely, I haven’t been able to find anything else  to buy, though I’ve done my very best trying!


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