Time To Rest

Today is a rest day as I’m not feeling all that well. Whether it was the exertion from the climb yesterday, or the lowered immunity catching up on me, I feel like a stale piece of toast. I have a constant feeling of nauseousness, with no indication of any type of purge about to take place (wish it would). The nausea  was helped somewhat when Denise (lovely woman from Northern England) provided me with a couple of charcoal tablets to kill any nasties.

It’s still been extremely difficult for me to sleep, particularly because I just can’t breathe through my nose at night – something about the night air here & the continuing sand dune blockage in my nasal passages. Mouth breathing is not something I’m at all partial to – makes my already extremely dry lips resemble a dried up river bed.  I’ve also started back on the Altitude Sickness Homoeopathy, just in case. Peter (from Belgium) has been in Leh the same amount of time as I have & has had a nasty dose of altitude sickness, ending up twice in the (not at all clean) hospital.

I grabbed some (much needed) sleep through the day, mixed in with a good dose of reading. Today’s reads were ‘The Diamond Sutra’ (Buddhist book) & Herman Hesse’s ‘Siddhartha’ – adding quite a bit of contemplative fodder to my ongoing self-enquiry. Also a huge change from my voracious consumption of ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy which I lapped up & finished yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling better enough to venture downtown for a spot of tourist shopping & lunch at this great French restaurant I keep hearing about – ‘Bon Appetit’.


4 responses to “Time To Rest

  1. Hey Michelle. This is Barbara from Perth!! Just finished reading all your entries, took me a few days at work, short breaks with a cuppa. Good stuff and great photos. Hope you are feeling well rested and in good health by the time you read this. I spent a few days in Ley in 2003 and have some rather interesting memories of it. Look forward to sharing on your return. Your adventure is a grand one and certainly a great opportunity to spend time getting to know yourself and see what a magnificent being you are – true blue! I wish you all the very best on your journey and will keep in touch along the way.

    Lots of love, light and blessings to you cherub.

    • Wow, you read it all!! Impressive!!! Spending a lot of time going deeper on this trip – all good fodder. Will see you soon after my return Barb! xxx

      • Thanks for response Michelle. Continue to read all. Good reading for me as relate to all you’ve been through, and Nepal, well I considered this to be my second home. I love Kopan, it’s a beautiful, peaceful and very mediative place to be. If you can get a couple more nights at Kopan go for it. Will be hot and chaotic in Thamel and I believe they’re still having strikes. However, lots to see and do there and the shops are great, so enjoy and look forward to more of your writings.

        Lots of love and blessings,

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