Poor Leh Dogs

Pup Scavenging

Dog under Trailer

Palace Dogs

Sleeping Dog

Anyone who really knows me knows that I LOVE dogs. The torment of not sharing my life with at least one dog friend rears its head often, & is only mildly alleviated through knowing nearly every dog at Balmoral Beach & giving/receiving regular doggy affection & playfulness.

Here in India, the view towards dogs is challenging for me to witness. Dogs are run over if they don’t get out the way on a road – so many wander about with one or more legs missing in action. They are lucky if they get fed scraps, but are usually left to fend for themselves through scavenging on the streets. Every dog I’ve come across so far has been scared of humans – often kicked or beaten if they get in the way or are seen as a nuisance, even saw one get kicked inside a Buddhist complex!

It’s easy to understand why you don’t see many old dogs.


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