Things to Remember…..

It never fails to surprise me the things I take for granted being in my own space at home. When travelling in a relatively undeveloped part of the world, simple pleasures & life conveniences are often absent &, at least for part of your time there, you struggle recalling all the little things it’s essential for you to remember, like:

  • The power supply is about as reliable & wavering as a politician’s promise – never count on it. For the first time last night, I watched a movie & about 15-mins from the end, right in the middle of the climax, all power was lost. Typically here we only have power 70% of the day. I suspect the alterating supply may be responsible for rendering my new laptop battery utterly unuseable.
  • Don’t flush toilet paper down a septic system that just can’t handle it (failed miserably at that for the first few days here & was fishing around in the toilet bowl with the cleaning utensil to get all remnants out). Unfortunately, used toilet paper is disposed of in a small bin in my bathroom, which leads to my next point…..
  • Remind the hotel staff whenever necessary to clean the toilet paper bin (they usually only manage to empty it – not so nice in Summer). I always request my room not be cleaned every day – complete waste of time & energy – never suspected this small task of bin emptying would be so crucial.
  • If I don’t rub anti-bacterial goo on my hands prior to handling food, or touching any sensitive body apart, I’m liable to poison myself & be ill for days.
  • Never drink the tap water, or let it get in your mouth if you have a shower (maintain a firm lip seal). Clean teeth only with purified water – don’t accidentally wash toothbrush under tap (came very close with that one a couple of times).
  • Try & stay away from uncooked foods, unless the menu explicitly states they use purified water to clean food. I ventured out a couple of times recently, only in well-populated restaurants, & have managed to escape the dreaded post-eating purge.
  • Always, always, always take at least one back-up for your photography equipment.

Oh, how grateful I am for my lot in life back home…..


2 responses to “Things to Remember…..

  1. Don’t forget about ice cubes. Purified water only (for westerners). Beer is usually safe to drink. Although Kingfisher has glycol in it which may cause headaches but you won’t freeze (same stuff they put in anti-freeze for autos).

    If you don’t experience the negative you won’t appreciate the positive…..

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