Welcome to India!

After meeting Lal from Welcome Travel at the airport, & having received proper instruction from Ritu on how to check if someone’s on the up-and-up, I quizzed him on several questions he should know – agent’s name, hotel name, details of flight tomorrow – all sufficiently cleared. Tick – safety should be assured.

It was 11:00pm by the time we were in the car, but the traffic was still a nightmare. Lal assured me that, yes, they do in fact have traffic rules in Delhi, but these need to be worked around when the lorries are out at night. Lorries/trucks only have access to the city between 8:30pm & 7am – they’re too big & pollution stinky to allow there during the day. So we found ourselves amidst this flotilla of lorries, all scrambling to overtake each other (on either side), never sticking to their lanes, with everyone blowing horns every which way trying to get around or through them. Nevertheless, I did make it to the hotel alive, only to be told I’d be woken at 2:30am (3 hours time) for my flight to Leh. Absolutely bloody exhausted!


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