Getting the Low Down on India

Incredibly, on both my Sydney > Singapore & Singapore > Delhi legs, I had no one sitting next to me. However, on the Singapore > Delhi leg, I had the good fortune of meeting Ritu sitting in the isle seat adjacent to me. She was returning to Delhi after a 6-month stint as a Marketing Manager with Amex in the SE Asia region. A smart & sassy professional woman, I was surprised that she was suprised I was travelling on my own for most of trip.

Pleased to find out I had arranged a transfer to my hotel in Delhi, she warned “don’t expect them to be there on time, if at all”.  “What’s your back-up plan?” I confidently stated that I’d get a registered taxi. Problem with this plan – I had the name of the hotel, but not the address. Shaking her head, Ritu said that single women travellers really aren’t safe in taxis alone, especially at night, & particularly when they have absolutely no idea where they’re going. Hmmmm…..

So we started discussing other back-up plans. I found an “emergency” mobile number for my agent in Delhi, so I could always call them, even if it was going to be 10:30pm. Otherwise, Ritu suggested getting the Police at the airport to take my name/details & the taxi number – not that it would help me whatsoever post any rape/murder incident.

Ritu then realised that she’d scared the new India tourist & immediately began assuring me everything would be okay, providing me with her mobile “in case you do find yourself in trouble” & escorting me through customs.  After all that, I was delighted to find my agency rep standing there waiting to collect me – nothing to worry about after all. Though I will take her wise words on board.


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